Tasha Ghouri And Andrew Le Page Talk Love In The Limelight, Disability Representation, And This Season Of Love Island

STELLAR caught up with the pair about life since the villa and so much more!

Ever since leaving the villa, life has been a whirlwind for ex Love Island stars Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page. They’ve gone from a totally normal life to being recognised in the street, working on brand deals and attending events, and recently celebrating their one year anniversary together.

Team STELLAR caught up with the pair to hear how they’ve been getting on – and to ask some burning questions about their thoughts on this season of Love Island.

Firstly, we were dying to see if the couple are as loved up as they seem online, and from what we could tell there’s no doubt that these two are happier than ever. Speaking on what living together is like, Tasha said that her favourite thing is what a “kind”, “loving”, and “great human being” Andrew is. “There’s no faults about you” she said, looking right at him. Our hearts!

Andrew returned the sentiment; “She’s so kind and such a lovely person, you’re so generous and just, yeah…an incredible girl”. Ahhh, stop.

It’s not all been easy breezy though, and when asked about whether being so exposed has had an effect on their relationship, Tasha got candid.

“I think we’re quite good at just being authentic…and it’s hard. Sometimes you have that pressure like, if I don’t post Andrew, for example, for like a day or two days, people are like ‘oh my god have you broken up?’ and it’s like no, we also have our privacy and every relationship needs that privacy” she said.

Andrew also shared the importance of having each other as they emerged from the villa to public scrutiny. “To come out of it single or alone would be very, very hard, and to have each other has definitely helped massively,” he shared. Looking toward Tasha he added, “Because there are ups and downs, with trolls and things like that, it gets to you, and having someone there who’s been through the same situation as you…we have each others back.”

We love to hear that these two are taking care of each other, but Andrew’s not the only one Tasha’s looking out for. The dancer and influencer has become a passionate ambassador for the deaf community, after being Love Island’s first ever deaf contestant.

Disability visibility is clearly important to Tasha. She tells us that it’s “one of the biggest reasons why I went on the show. It’s about representation, especially on shows like Love Island you [didn’t] see that representation before”. As for how the show can do better, Tasha feels they could “push it a little more”.

“In terms of, not just have that one person with a disability, have a few more…it’s so important. Me going on the show last year really showed how much it was needed, so I think there’s a long way to go with that.”

Now, Tasha is committed to keeping up the good work. “Coming out of the show, that’s my passion; it’s raising awareness…that’s why I do the work I’m doing now. Even before the villa, that’s what I was doing. I was never gonna lose that momentum, lose that motivation that makes me happy. Because I want to see other people happy and you know, help them find their confidence in their disability.

“It’s definitely something that I love doing, and won’t ever stop doing”. How amazing is that!

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Of course, we had to find out how the dynamic duo are feeling about this season of Love Island. Tasha came straight in with a hot take; “I feel like this season is giving situationships, I feel like I’m not really seeing any love…a lot of drama. It’s giving just chaotic!”

Andrew amusedly agreed, adding that he thinks “the producers are having a lot of fun with this series.”

“Like Tash said, it’s more like drama instead of love at the moment, but hopefully that starts to change…they need to get a move on!”

This season has been full of shock dumpings, and when it comes to the public favouring Scott and voting out Catherine, Elom, Leah and Montel, Tasha had some thoughts.

“Obviously, everyone supported Scott, right, and I think it’s hard because the whole point of the vote was about compatibility, and the two couples that went [home] are very compatible in my opinion. But it’s hard because people can use that voting situation to just kick out someone that they don’t really like. It definitely did shock me.”

As for who will make it to the end, the pair have their own predictions (and prayers!).

“I want my girl Whitney to win,” Tasha beamed. “I think she’s just a fabulous personality, she’s great. She’s got everything, like, the wow factor as well…she’s gorgeous so even if she wins on her own, that would be great as well!”

Andrew laughed, chiming in that, “Whitney’s obviously got a good chance of winning, and I think also someone like Ty and Ella, like, they’ve been through it…they’ve been together from the start and to come out at the end, they’ve done quite well, so I would say probably Ty and Ella”.

So there you have it. Tasha and Andrew have spoken – and we can’t wait to find out if they’re right!

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