Taylor Swift Has Been Sharing Some VERY Strange Pictures On Instagram As She Teases New Music


Taylor Swift has been busy confusing fans with her bizarre looking Instagram feed in the lead up to her dropping some new music.

The Shake It Off singer, who has over 115 million followers on the gram alone, has been captioning some very odd pictures with the date 4.26…. or April 26th… as in this Friday.


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The starlet has disabled comments on the posts, presumably to stop avid fans sharing their theories on what it all means… but we could really do with some clarity.

First of all, chickens with sunglasses. What can we take this to mean? We’re not sure.

The star also posted a snap of her two beloved cats, Olivia and Merideth – in what we can only take as a nod to her upcoming role in Cats the musical.


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T Swizz continued with the pastel theme by posting this close up of a bike, and yet we’re still confused!

And lastly, this pretty sequin something or other… could it be a stage costume? Who knows.

Either way, we will be glued to her feed on 4.26 to see what all this really is about.,,


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