Taylor Swift Has Pre-Trial Victory In Sexual Assault Trial Against DJ

The Allegations were made back in 2013

Taylor Swift has been in the middle of some pretty serious legal drama over the past few days. The country singer’s allegations of sexual assault and battery against DJ David “Jackson” Mueller back in 2013 have come to the forefront again as the case appeared in court on Wednesday.

The claims made by Taylor were countered by Jackson in 2015,  when he claimed that he had been falsely accused of groping Taylor while they posed for a photo together, leading to him being fired from his job.

The issue that was dealt with in court on July 19th focused on the allegations that Jackson had destroyed electronic devices that may have contained damaging evidence against him in this case.

According to The Denver Post, the judge ruled that Swift’s legal team could question the defendant regarding the missing evidence.

The trial is set to continue in August, with Taylor thought to be planning to attend court.



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