Taylor Swift Has Reportedly Fired Her Back Up Dancer After He Posted Sexist Memes On Instagram

He won't be joining her on the rest of her Reputation tour.

Taylor Swift has reportedly fired her back up dancer and close friend Toshi after he posted ‘disgusting’ and ‘misogynistic’ photos on Instagram.

T Swift is reportedly ‘livid’ at the dancer’s actions, having considered him a close friend since he first came on tour with her in 2014.

Toshi recently posted sexist memes on his Instagram Stories including one that references a woman’s place being in the kitchen, and a threatening meme about chloroform:


Inevitably, people took to Twitter to express their disgust about his views.

Toshi hit back, saying on Instagram: “If you can’t take a joke this isn’t the place for you.” He’s since switched his account to private.

Fans pointed out that in September 2015, Taylor donated $50,000 via a Go Fund Me campaign to Toshi’s sick nephew Ayden Brown, who died in November 2017.

“Baby Ayden, I’m lucky enough to perform with your uncle Toshi on tour,” she wrote in a dedication on the website at the time. “All of us are praying for you and your mama and sending so much love your way. Love, Taylor.”

The dancer was absent from Taylor’s performance at a music festival in the UK last weekend because of the reported ‘bust-up’ between the pair.


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