Taylor Swift Has Revealed Her Fave Reality TV Show And It’s Exactly What You’d Think

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Taylor Swift is currently on an unofficial hiatus from her music and promotion duties after finishing up an intense year of touring. So it’s no surprise that she’s been making the most of her free time over the last few months to kick back and enjoy some relaxed nights in on the couch.

What does one of the most powerful twenty-somethings in music do on a night in? Watch trashy reality TV, of course.

Tay was on the red carpet at the BMI Pop Awards on Tuesday night, and revealed the answer to one of life’s all-important questions – what her favourite reality show was. The admission came about during a discussion about the BMI’s Icon Award winners, Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann.

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“Barry and Cynthia’s daughter Jenn is the couples therapist on a show called Couples Therapy that I watch a lot and I was really really excited to meet her,” Taylor explained.

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“I recently have had a lot of time off. I’ve been watching a lot of reality TV.”

Somehow we’re not surprised by this admission. Taylor’s been speaking a lot about her “magical” relationship with Calvin Harris recently, so we reckon the pair love to snuggle up and watch other less magical couples working through their issues.

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Wonder if she’s a fan of Say Yes To The Dress too? Hint hint…



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