Taylor Swift Is Being Accused Of Copying Beyonce’s Iconic Coachella Set With Her Billboard Award’s Performance

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Another day, another Taylor Swift celebrity fued…

Ok this is not so much a feud seeing as neither party has publicly spoken about it just yet, but fans have noticed some pretty glaring similarities between Taylor Swift’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards and Beyonce’s headline performance at last year’s Coachella festival.

Beyonce’s iconic set, which features in new Netflix documentary, Homecoming, was one of the most talked about performances in recent history, in no small part due to her championing of black culture throughout the whole masterpiece of a concert.


Now, ever since T Swizz performed her brand new single ‘Me’ with Brendan Urie at last week’s BBMA’s, fans can’t help but notice many a similarity between the two lady’s shows.

Taylor came out on stage to the beat of a marching band, which was a main feature of Beychella. As well as this, comparisons are being made to the lighting, beat and general production of the two performances.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns, and many of the Beehive are none too pleased with what Taylor brought to her highly anticipated comeback.

Now, we totally understand that Bey did not invent a marching band, and any similarities may have been just a full blown coincidence – but do the facts speak for themselves?

Take a look at Bey’s Coachella performance and see what you think!


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