Taylor Swift Is Gifting Cardigans In The Press Drops For Her Latest Single, ‘Cardigan’

HOW do we get one?!

The world has officially lost it over Taylor Swift’s latest album. The singer unexpectedly announced that she’d be dropping the new record on Friday night and although fans knew she was working on new music nobody expected it to be released so soon, especially during a global pandemic.

Lets just say since it hit streaming platforms at midnight on Friday we’ve listened to nothing else since.

The 16 track album feels super grown up for Taylor, there’s no sugary sweet pop anthems here. Instead it’s slower, more haunting and melodic, the kind of stuff you blare after a bad break up. Particular favourites so far seem to be exile, featuring none other than Bon Iver and cardigan, the first single from the album.

The entire record was created during lockdown, including the music video for cardigan, which Taylor directed herself.

To celebrate the launch of the single Taylor has been sending out press drops to celebrities and musicians, but they’ve been getting more than just the record. The 30 year old has also been sending out cardigans to coincide with the song.

The cream cable knit cardigan is a perfect mix of Irish heritage mixed with American preppyness and we want one SO BAD.

The internet has of course been losing it’s mind over the knit, with everyone wondering where they can get their own. Of course, she’s selling them as merch, and for $49 you get the cardi as well as a digital copy of the album too.

You can pick one up here.


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