Ted Bundy’s Girlfriend Has Broken Her Decades Long Silence In A New Documentary

The 5-part-series drops this Friday

A new Ted Bundy documentary featuring his girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall and her daughter Molly will be released this week.

Bundy’s story has been the subject of numerous documentaries in recent times, with many of us being hooked on docu-series The Ted Bundy Tapes, and the biopic which stared Zac Efron, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vils.

But, this time around the serial killers tale will be told through a female lens.

The show, named Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer, will retell the story from both Ted’s ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall, her daughter Molly and female survivors of his attacks.

Both Elizabeth and her daughter Molly lived with Ted as a family for several years, until she eventually became too suspicious of him and turned him into the police.

Elizabeth has remained quiet about her relationship with Ted until now.

In the trailer for the 5-part-series Elizabeth recounts the first time she met Ted, she says:

“It was my first night that I went out dancing in Seattle, he said his name was Ted”

Continuing she said: “I loved him from day one, but there were all these coincidences. I couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t understand how he could do these things.”

Along with Elizabeth, a number of Ted’s survivors will speak out and tell their stories, some for the first time.

The series will drop on Amazon Prime the 31st of January.

You can check out the trailer below.