5 Of The Wildest & Weirdest Gilmore Girls Storylines To Ever Exist

“Coffee, please, and a shot of cynicism.”


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It’s October, and that can only mean a few things – pumpkin spice lattes, crunchy leaves, and your annual incessant rewatch of Gilmore Girls. 

It wouldn’t be autumn without a long awaited return to Stars Hollow, Lorelai’s coffee addiction, and Rory’s oftentimes questionable romantic interests. The series may have debuted a whole 22 years ago (with its first episode premiering all those years ago this week), but it has remained a staple of our Netflix currently watching list, our water cooler chats, and just our general lives, really.

So, in order to sufficiently get us into the Gilmore Girls spirit, here are the 5 of the wildest, weirdest, and by extension, best storylines the show ever saw.

1. Lorelai dating Jason

Why did it happen? Who allowed it to happen? Where did this man come from? In season 4, Lorelai’s love interest comes in the form of Jason, a man who is rude, annoying, and makes her sleep in the guest room.

It’s a pointless relationship and only further frustrated viewers who, at the time, were desperate for Lorelai and Luke to realise they did, indeed, have a connection. He was also The Worst. Did we mention that?


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2. Lorelai and the termites

In season 2, episode 11, the girls discover that their home has been infested by termites and that the pests have, in fact, done a considerable amount of damage. But rather than taking her mother’s offer for much needed help (in the form of money), Lorelai takes it upon herself to throw a fit at the very prospect and further prolongs her issue.

The entire episode is taken up by Lorelai’s frustration at Rory for going to Emily for help, her frustration at her mother for having the gall to offer her cash, and her frustration at the termites for simply existing.

It’s a whole thing, and it goes on – for a long time.

3. Luke’s child??

Chaos and confusion, at its finest. Luke has a child, actually – didn’t you know? In Gilmore Girls season 6, April shows up and declares herself as Luke’s daughter after discovering this information through a science fair DNA test.

Yes, really.

During April’s stint on the show, she and Luke form a relationship as she splits her time between Stars Hollow and her home with her mother. Her presence – and the bizarre way she’s introduced into the show – affects Luke’s relationship with Lorelai, so much so that he decides to push their wedding back by a few months.

The pair eventually split up in season 7 before finally tying the knot in A Year in the Life. But still.


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4. Rory and Jess’s random car accident

What was the point, can someone explain? In season 2 of Gilmore Girls, Rory starts tutoring Jess (which is of course chaotic because they fancy each other – the scandal).

Alas, their tutoring is not without its drama because for some reason the pair end up in a car accident. At this stage, Jess has already very much solidified himself as the Town Bad Boy and it seems like having him crash a car is the only way the plot could confirm that. Grand.

5. The missing vasectomy

In season 5 of GG, Sookie pretty much forces her husband Jackson to get a vasectomy. She books the appointment, she tells him to go, and that’s that.

However, a couple of seasons later, Sookie finds herself pregnant, confirming that Jackson didn’t go for his vasectomy at all, and still continued to have sex with his wife, without telling her this.

The entire storyline would be incredibly awkward if it wasn’t also extremely concerning. Alas, as this is Gilmore Girls, no true harm was done and everyone enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee in the end. Fair play.


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