According To Forbes, These Are Netflix’s Top 10 Movies Of The Year (So Far)

How many of these have you watched?

War Dogs

War Dogs

It’s safe to say we’ve all fallen victim to mindlessly scrolling on Netflix. Trying *and failing* to find something which ticks all the boxes for everyone in the room.

Who knew with so much choice would come so much confusion when it comes to selecting the movie of the evening… or early morning by the time we decide, eh.

I Care A Lot 

Well, forever watching the patterns of Netflix’s odd 207.64 million paid subscribers and counting, Forbes has created a list of Netflix’s top watched movies as of May 2021. Using a unique system, the brand looked at the Netflix’s charting Top 10 throughout the year, giving points to those that chart and then, keeping track of them throughout the following months; comparing them to other flicks which enter and leave the charts.

So, what has proven to be the best (of the best) this year so far? A handy list to save and tick off! 

1. We Can Be Heroes

2. The Secret Life of Pets 2

3. The Mitchells vs. The Machines

4. Thunder Force

5. Yes Day

6. Bigfoot Family

7. I Care A Lot

8. The Little Rascals

9. War Dogs

10. Finding ‘Ohana

And in terms of things we’ve been loving on Netflix the past month here at STELLAR, well, we’ve got some bits to alert you about too before all the June offerings start coming in hot and fast!

Below Deck 

It’s trashy, and dramatic, just how we like it. Netflix is adding multiple seasons of American reality TV show Below Deck to their service. It follows the lives of young people living and working atop some of the most luxurious yachts in the world – expect lots of hooking up, arguments, and tears.

Selena: The Series 

A biographical drama following the story of Mexican-American singer Selena as she rises to fame, navigating the challenges that come along the way.

Money, Explained

Following on from their hugely popular ‘Mind, Explained’ and ‘Sex, Explained’, now it’s time for the concept of money to go under the microscope, explaining what you know and don’t know about the evil necessity.

Sam Smith: Love Goes – Live At Abbey Road Studios

If you fancy a night in your PJs singing along to Sam Smith with a glass of wine in tow – mark the 22nd of May in your diary. This special shows the legendary Sam Smith during an intimate and soulful performance at the iconic Abbey Road studios singing all of their greatest hits.

Yep, you can find our whole list here!

Plus, if you want all the details on one reality series people are buzzing to see return to the streaming service next month, you’ll have to click here!


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