Addicted To Squid Games? You Need To Hear This Theory On How The Workers Are Chosen

Were you left wondering how people end up in the red jumpsuits?


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Hands up who binged their way through Squid Game and now has quite a large Squid Game shaped hole in their life? Yep, you’re certainly not alone. It was a show that left viewers pretty shook, but also with a few questions. Like who are the people behind the masks in the red jumpsuits, and how do they end up there?

This theory explains a whole lot, but let’s back up a little. Just to recap, Netflix’s newest Korean series follows a group of people with financial issues, who are invited to play childhood games in order to win an obscene amount of money. But, they soon learn that the result of losing the games is not exactly what they expected.


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Characters in Squid Game are divided into two groups, the players who wear green tracksuits, and the workers who wear masks and red jumpsuits. We know how the players are chosen, but viewers were left wondering as to how the workers ended up in that position. Are they old players? Is it just a job for them?

Well, this Squid Game theory that has gone viral on TikTok tried to explain exactly that, and it makes a lot of sense.

According to the theory, whether the people end up as players or workers all depends on the very first game they play with the mysterious person who offers them money if they win.


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Remember in the first episode when Seong Gi-Hun played a game at the train station with an anonymous man? Well, he was asked to choose between a red and a blue square. He chooses the blue, along with every other player that we saw take part.

So it suggests that anyone who chooses red will then go in as a worker, with their red jumpsuits.

The TikTok, by @lucy.what1, shows snaps of certain scenes from the show, along with the text: “He asks him to choose a colour”. The clip then shows Seong Gi-Hun alongside the words, “He chooses blue and wakes up as a player”.

It makes a whole lot of sense. But how do they have a chance to win the money? Or are they just paid for their work? Maybe we’ll find out for sure if another season comes along.


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