Are We Going To See A Fight On Tonight’s Episode Of Love Island?

Tensions are high.

They don’t call them bombshells for nothing.

With every new Islander that lands in the villa, we’re seeing things heat up as the fight for attention, love and the perfect match gets harder and harder.

In the teaser for tonight’s (Wednesday) episode, we see new boys Remi and Jay making themselves at home in the villa, leaving the girls swooning and the boys – er – distressed.

As Ekin-Su reveals she could see herself with Jay, it looks as though she’s not the only one and it’s not sitting well with Jacques.

Outing himself as someone who is not looking for new mates, new boy Jay is on a mission to stick around and find love, telling the group: “I’m not here to make friends. I’m not here for seasonal boyfriends.”

After telling the group he works in finance, Jacques tells Jay that he plays rugby, with Jay biting back that Jacques seems “small” for a rugby player, ruffling feathers, with Jacques responding: “Oh really? If you run at me I’ll flatten you, so…”


What’s going to happen tonight? It’s hard to know, but it’s clear that tensions are high around the fire pit and it looks as though we could see a split camp between the boys, with the Jacques V Jay dilemma going on. Will a fight break out? It’s possible, as Love Island basically teased us with a preview that the villa will be like a pressure cooker tonight.

Bring it on.

Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player tonight at 9pm