Best Collab Ever? David Attenborough And Dave Join Forces For Nature Documentary

it's the documentary we never knew we needed and now, we desperately need to know all the details.

One thing I find hard to imagine is David Attenborough rapping and Dave hosting a nature show, but somehow, somewhere, these two have crossed paths and decided to join forces to create what looks like a very exciting documentary.

Now, just to note, Sir David will not be rapping, this was just my mind running wild, but what’s in store looks like something you won’t want to miss.

Titled Planet Earth: A Celebration, Dave and composer Hans Zimmer will be providing a musical feast which will accompany incredible visuals and the voiceover of Sir David, lifting the spirits of those watching as they get ready to experience the natural world through their TV screens.

In the incredible teaser which dropped this week, we can hear the voice of Sir David, as he begins another journey through the East Cape of South Africa to the north of Norway, Chile and the Indian Ocean.

The documentary will also include shots of some of the world’s rarest and most endangered species, looking at the Andean, Chilean and James flamingos, Orcas and Humpback wales.

Rapper Dave will also be flexing his musical skills on the piano, joining forces with the BBC Concert Orchestra for what we know will be an emotional tale.

Speaking so highly of Sir David, Dave explained how much love he has for the documentary maker saying:

“He has shown what it means to care for something and have a passion, and that translates to all walks of life who can take David Attenborough’s ethos towards nature and apply it to anything that you do – and that inspires me.”

Nicely said, Dave.

Set a reminder, Planet Earth: A Celebration will air Monday, August 31 at 8pm / BBC One.