Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider Shuts Down Claims That The Show Is Scripted

"They said they pray for stuff like this because it's gold. It's real."


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Chances are, you’ve been sucked into Netflix’s latest reality TV offering: Bling Empire. It’s been the talk of Twitter, and the background of many Instagram stories.

Of course, it’s filled with dramatic scenes and a whole lot of gossip, which leads fans to speculate whether the LA-based reality TV show is completely scripted or not. However, Bling Empire’s Kevin has completely shut this down in a recent interview with E!.

“To me, it’s 100 per cent [real],” he said. “I know for what I went through, that was so real. I even talked to the producers, and I said, ‘Does this happen often in reality?’ They said they pray for stuff like this because it’s gold. It’s real.”


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Here, it’s likely that Kevin is referring to Anna and Christine’s rivalry, or those scenes with Kelly and Andrew – we won’t spoil things for you if you’re not there yet.

Kevin then discussed his decision to find his birth parents, as h was adopted at a young age. He revealed that he wouldn’t like to meet them right now, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think that’s something worth doing soon,” Kevin explained. “I just don’t want to find my birth parents in the middle of the pandemic, because I don’t want to meet them for the first time over Zoom.”