Could We BE Anymore Excited? We’ve Got An Air Date For The Friends Reunion

Matthew Perry finally dropped some inside deets.


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This has been a long time coming. Years of waiting.

Will it happen… won’t it happen… is it in the making… or are we dreaming?

There’s been a lot of back and fourth and I’m sure the cast of Friends are equally tired of constantly been asked about a reunion every time they promote any of their other work.

But thankfully, we can all rest easy, because we’ve got official plans, official dates, and it’s finally all starting to materialise.

After first confirming that an episode would go ahead in February 2020, marking the 25th anniversary of the hit sitcom, the production was then delayed due to the pandemic, with “no target date” announced.

Obviously, this caused a lot of fear, as fans worried that the pandemic would see the whole idea getting put on pause for another few years.

However, Matthew Perry has just saved the day.

Yes, he quashed all fear, by announcing on Twitter that the reunion was still on the cards and set to air in March.

Explaining that he’s got a busy year lined up, after one that was quieter than ever with almost all productions put on pause, Matthew is looking forward and excited for what’s to come.

Details of the reunion are still unknown, but it’s apparently going to be an hour-long unscripted special, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, reports WSJ.

And according to Courtney Cox, it’s one that all the cast are seriously excited for, with her adding “it’s going to be great”, while speaking on a podcast with Kevin Nealon.

Well whatever shape or form it takes, bring it on is all we can say.


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