Cue Tears, It Looks Like The Next Season Of Sex Education Will Be The Last

We're not ready to say goodbye.


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One of our favourite Netflix shows, Sex Education could be about to embark on its last leg and we’re devo!

The end of season three saw Moordale Secondary closing its doors and Otis and the gang have to make alternative academic arrangements. But what does this mean for the show? How will it affect characters’ lives and interactions with each other?

Aimee Lou Wood, who plays Aimee Gibbs on the series spoke with RadioTimes for the BigRT Interview to talk about season four of the show, which fans are waiting for.

Aimee Lou teased that we may be approaching the end of the hit series.


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When asked when she thought the show might end she said: “I’m not sure because there’s a part of me that could just do it forever.”

But she knows that realistically everyone’s “got to go and do different things and play different parts.”

She added: “We can’t be like 50 saying; ‘Freshers week!’ So it’s a weird one. It’s a bittersweet thing because it probably is, even if it’s not this series, it probably is closer now to ending than it is to the start.

“Which is sad but also probably in many ways, will be positive. I always think, leave them wanting more as well. Always leave them wanting more.”

Whilst the show is on hiatus, Aimee Lou is taking part in On the Edge which explores how mental health affects family, such as parent-child dynamics. Aimee Lou’s episode is called “Mincemeat” and can be seen on Channel 4. It follows her character Jane dealing with her overbearing and controlling mother whilst also trying to balance her love life.


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Whilst Aimee Lou understands the show must end at some point, she loves what she’s doing. Her character Aimee Gibbs is a fan favourite and Aimee Lou delivers amazing one-liners with such comedic timing and tackled her harder-hitting storylines with such grace and strength. Not to mention, she really likes toast!

We can’t wait to see her and the gang return in season four!

Words by Sadhbh Pearse


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