Do The Contestants On I’m A Celeb Rehearse The Trials Before Filming?

A spokesperson from I'm A Celeb has responded to claims after backlash from fans.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! was hit by backlash from fans earlier this week, after claims began to surface that contestants are shown how to do the Bushtucker Trials before completing them for TV.

A story which appeared in The Sun featured quotes from an “insider” who claimed that the celebrities are “coached” before completing their tasks.

And although to us, the viewers, it looks like the celebrities are first told about their specific tasks and intricacies while speaking to Ant and Dec at the challenge, the insider continued by noting that this was not the case, and that contestants are often “shown” how to do each trial.

“In reality, they are told what they need to do, and in many cases shown how to do it and allowed to try and do it.”

Continuing, the insider added that the reason behind the contestants being shown how to do the trials is so the viewers aren’t watching endless technicalities – “getting stuck on intricacies such as locks and keys would make people switch off.”

So, does that mean the celebs are well rehearsed on the trials?

Well, that’s not really the truth either. After receiving backlash online, with fans calling the show “fake” given the above claim, a spokesperson for I’m A Celeb has come forward to clear the air, explaining that yes, contestants are aware of the trial they’re doing, but no, they’re not rehearsing in any capacity before actually completing the task.

“Contestants are told the instructions of a trial and producers ensure that they understand what is required of them in line with our health and safety procedures. Any suggestion of run throughs or practising is incorrect,” explained I’m A Celeb to the Mail Online.

Well, there you have it. With each trial seeing the contestants in various situations, be it lying down and pulling themselves along a track, in the dark figuring out complicated padlocks, or trying to get through chambers, it’s probably best they have some clue as to what’s going on so they can get their bearings before the cameras start to roll – what do you think?

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