Johnathan Bailey Reveals The Future For His Bridgerton Character Can ‘Only Get Better’

Season two is set to focus on the eldest Bridgerton child and very eligible bachelor.

We all had a love/hate relationship with everything to do with Anthony Bridgerton in season one of the hit Netflix show – sideburns and all.

Yes, he had many flaws from the way he behaved in such an overprotective manner towards his sister Daphne, to the way he was hot tempered, seeing himself as a danger to women. But, trying to balance societal standards while navigating life began to prove harder than the viscount than he expected and season two looks set to bring about some change for the chap.

Speaking about his excitement to return to the role and the fact that things can only improve for Bridgeton’s sought-after bachelor, Jonathan Bailey said: “I’m really hopeful. It can only get better,” while speaking on Netflix Afterparty.

Continuing, the actor admitted that his character had a disgruntled presence in season one, and that he, in a way, sort of embodied the chaos of his time.

“He’s not a very happy man. He sort of seems to be the embodiment of how society is really sort of messed up, like the patriarchal society for men and women and so, it’s good to show how bad men can be and how controlling they can be and specifically with Daphne, as a co*kblocker.”

Season two of Bridgerton is set to return filming this spring, with Anthony Bridgeton taking centre stage, following the lines of the second Bridgerton book by Juila Quinn titled “The Viscount Who Loved Me”.

Yes, season two will be all about Anthony, his battle with love and class, and his relationship with Edwina.

Or should we say his ongoing love limbo.

So far, Bridgerton is the fifth most-watched Netflix original series to ever hit the platform reaching an estimated 63 million households by the 28th day mark.

Now, that’s impressive! It looks onwards and upwards for the cast.

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