Lads, Zac Efron Is Back Working With Disney Again But No, It’s Not For High School Musical

Glorious, glorious news! Zac Efron is booked and busy.


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Having returned to our screens for Netflix hit Down To Earth earlier this summer, Zac Eforn is making sure that we won’t have long to wait until we see him grace our screens yet again because he’s just gone and signed a contract with Disney.

Yep, heading back to his roots, Zac is teaming up with Disney to work on a remake for 1987 hit comedy Three Men and a Baby.

Now, although we don’t know yet who Zac is set to play, we believe the film will follow suit to the original and feature three New York bachelors who have no choice but to take care of a baby left on their doorstep and it’s up to the men to take a quick crash course on raising a baby and becoming responsible adults.

The original movie starred Tom Selleck,¬†Steve Guttenberg¬†and Ted Danson, so Zac and co-stars will have big shoes to fill, but we’re excited to see the new slant the movie will take as well as the updated witty one-liners and story tweaks.

What’s even more exciting is that this will be Zac’s first time returning to Disney since he worked on High School Musical. Undeniably, his breakout role in 2006 as Troy Bolton, Zac stayed in the Disney family for a total of three movies (up until 2008), before leaving Disney and working incredibly hard to shake his clean cut singing and dancing stereotype.


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But now, with some strong movie titles under his belt including last year’s role as Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Zac is back working with Disney and we think this comedy role will suit him down to the ground. Although he’s proved his versatility and that he’s no one trick pony, Zac excels in comedy and so, we think this is going to be one seriously good flick.


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No production dates have been released for Three Men and a Baby as of yet, but once we have all the deets, we’ll be sure to fill you in STAT.