Love Island: Fans Have MIXED Opinions On Hugo’s Rant Last Night

Hugo coupled up with Chloe on last night's episode, giving Toby a piece of his mind.

It has been noted as the most explosive episode of this season yet and I mean, this season was in desperate need of a little pick me up, but last night’s show delivered and it has divided a nation.

During last night’s episode we saw the massive falling out of Chloe and Toby after he started getting to know new girl Abi. Finally having a “chat”, with the pair putting an end to their romance, Toby then decided to recouple with Abi – as it was the boys turn to choose – leaving Chloe vulnerable for dumping.

Last to choose however was Hugo, who decided to recouple with Chloe instead of new girl Georgina.

Giving a rant about how  Toby treated Chloe in the 24 hours prior, Hugo gave his fellow Islander a piece of his mind while speaking his thoughts during his decoupling speech.

“I would like to couple up with this girl because not only is she out of this world beautiful. She is super intelligent, she’s funny and whenever I’m with her, I’m definitely at my happiest.

Continuing, Hugo then shot fire at Toby for the way he’s treated Chloe by recouping with Abi, adding:

“I firmly believe that a lot of this test stuff is complete bulls*it. You deserve someone who is honest and communicates with you and who knows what could happen.”

Adding that he thinks “strangers things could happen,” eluding to the fact the two could potentially end up forming a blossoming romance, Hugo picked Chloe to couple up with, leaving the Islanders shocked and Toby and Faye (randomly), less than impressed.

Faye can be heard saying “that’s very rude”, while Toby shakes his head later adding: “What the f*ck is that! It’s f*cking muggy.

The episode certainly caused varying opinions on whether or not they think Hugo should have told his truth like that, with some internet users cheering him on, while others seem less than impressed.

Love Island returns to Virgin Media One tonight at 9pm