Netflix Drops New Gameshow That’s Like ‘Total Wipeout Meets Gladiators’

Now, this sounds like our cup of tea.


Remember when you were younger and you’d jump around the sitting room from couch to couch, trying your best to avoid the floor because it was made of lava? Well, your skills could come in seriously handy now as Netflix has made a gameshow based around the same concept.

Floor is Lava is a new Netflix original gameshow which follows three teams as they compete to win a cool $10,000 (approx €8,800).

But how do you succeed? Just don’t fall in. The aim of the game is to move from room to room, competing all the obstacles without loosing your footing and falling into the “lava” – for insurance reasons you’ll be pleased to know it’s just dyed water and smart lighting, not actual lava. Although, on saying that, many have wondered where the contestants actually go when they fall in due to the way the show is edited so, maybe it is burning molten rock?

In what’s being called a “Total Wipeout meets Gladiators” style competition, it has been a while since we’ve had an old school gameshow like this on our TV screens (one that finally doesn’t involve dating), and so we’re so excited to tune in.

Described as the “toughest gameshow”, contestants have to do everything from swinging off chandeliers to climbing along ropes and trying to balance on moving objects, all while not falling in and competing the course in a quick time – sounds like a breeze.

Talking about the show on Twitter, here are some of the reactions.

Floor is Lava premiered on Netflix June 19 and now, Forbes is reporting that it has shot past 13 Reasons Why as the most-watched show in the past couple of days.

Floor is Lava is now streaming on Netflix.


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