Rege-Jean Page Has Landed A Major New Netflix Role You Need To Hear More About

Prepare to clear your schedule the day this movie lands on the streaming service.

He might have just finished filming the first season of Bridgeton, but Rege-Jean Page is already proving to be booked and busy, landing himself another role in a brand new movie.

Set to star in Netflix triller The Gray Man, based on the 2009 novel of the same name, Rege-Jean will be teaming up with some Hollywood hunks for the film and it’s set to be one seriously satisfying watch for the eyeballs.

Joining forces with none other than Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, The Gray Man will see all actors take centre stage for this flick. The movie is set to focus on a duel, whereby Ryan Gosling’s character is being hunted across the globe by Chris Evans’ character, his former CIA colleague.

As for Rege-Jean’s role in the film, well, that’s yet to be confirmed but he’s joining the very impressive bill which will also include Ana de Armas and Billy Bob Thornton.


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And although the film is yet to even have a release date, it’s believed that it has been created in a way that leaves you asking questions, opening the movie up for a franchise. Apparently the story of The Gray Man will come to a close, but you’ll still have questions about the “wider universe”, ones which will leave you excited for the second instalment.

So yeah, The Duke of Hastings is going to be one busy man, because not only is he set to star in this whopper of a flick, he’s going to also be back for the second season of Bridgerton, one which is set to start filming in spring.

Filming in London, it’s believed that all the cast are buzzing to get back on set, with this season’s story to follow the eligible viscount, Lord Anthony, played by Johnathan Bailey.

Bring it on!