Sex Education Likely To ‘Rewrite’ Intimate Scenes Ahead Of Filming Season 3

Moves are in place to get us back to Moordale High ASAP.


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Although Sex Education was set to start filming its third season this month, new plans are currently in place to commence shooting this August, reports Deadline.

Explaining that there’s a push on the show to confirm whether or not August is a runner, Sex Education’s crew needs a whole 10 weeks of prep time to get specific areas in Wales ready for the shooting and so, the next couple of weeks are vital to put a plan in place. As the show relies heavily on the long summer evenings, Netflix are very aware that if they can’t shoot it in August, it could be mid 2021 before anything gets filmed.

And aside from location issues, due to the show’s very intimate nature, cast and crew also know that getting the show back up and running will be everything but straightforward. With filming relying heavily on human interaction and the stumbles one has while getting to grips with their sexual urges, it looks like the show could have to rewrite scenes in order to stay in line with the UK government’s two metre social distancing rule.


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A lot of details must be hashed out in the coming weeks before the show can get the ball rolling on filming. However, it is reported that they’re feeling optimistic about shooting after various UK shows got the green light this week. BBC’s EastEnders and ITV’s Emmerdale are set to start filming in the coming weeks as cleared by the government while Peaky Blinders and Doctor Who – bigger productions similar to Sex Ed have August start dates.

And when it comes to returning to filming, Netflix is making sure they’re taking all the right steps to keep their cast and crew safe. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer recently spoke about how they’ve made the return for some of their shows possible by making sure cast and crew self-quarantine before and after the shoot while testing is also important. These are measures they’ve put in place in both Swedish show Love And Anarchy and Iceland’s Katla.

Above all, while speaking to the LA times, Ted said that flexibility is going to be what will be vital moving forward.

“That means rejiggering productions, locations and set schedules to postpone shooting crowd or action scenes and intimate moments, as well as scenes that require international travel,” he explained.


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And as previously mentioned with Sex Education, rewriting the script to make it a little less physical could also be a strong move going forward.

“Some shows will need to rewrite scripts or look to add visual effects to what previously would have been shot live.”

Sex Education season three has yet to disclose any more details on filming or release dates.


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