So This Is The Reason Kevin Was Left Home Alone

How did we never spot this?!

The yuletide classic Home Alone turned 30 this year. But still, all these years later we’re left with so, so many questions when it comes to the plot – the most prevalent being, how the hell did Kevin’s parents actually manage to leave him behind?!

Well, thankfully for us some eagle-eyed fans have spotted the explanation for Kevin’s neglect.

In one of the opening scenes, you’re probably familiar with the time that Kevin gets into a fight with Buzz as the family settles down to eat some pizza. During the scuffle some drinks are knocked over, spilling all over the family’s passports and plane tickets for Paris.

When Kevin’s dad quickly cleans up the mess he tosses Kevin’s ticket in the bin unknowingly with a handful of napkins. If you blink you’d miss it, but some fans of the film have screenshot it for our convenience.

So, of course, the next day when a random kid is included in the headcount on the way to the airport on top of Kevin’s plane ticket missing from the stack, his parents can’t be to blame for leaving him behind.

Well, maybe they can be a little. But hey, it makes for great entertainment, so who are we to judge!