STELLAR Chats To The Summer I Turned Pretty’s David Iacono and Elsie Fisher

There’s some new faces this season!

We all love a main character moment but it’s the little moments for secondary characters that add up making them a fan favourite that makes a show like The Summer I Turned Pretty so wonderful. The series has its three main characters with their own storylines. Meanwhile the secondary characters have stories of their own to tell and well, we’re enthralled! We’re all excited to head back to Cousins Beach with Prime Video on July 14th.

Here at STELLAR, we got to catch up with the cast to find out what fans can expect from the second season.

We couldn’t wait to catch up with fan favourite David Iacono AKA Cam Cameron as well as the brilliant Elsie Fisher, who has joined the cast as Skye, to find out what we can expect from them this season, what they like most about their characters and whether there’s a new love interest on the horizon for Cam Cameron.

Hi guys how are you?

David: Hiiii [waves]

Elsie: We’re pretty good.

So David, are you excited to head back to Cousins?

David: Yes, definitely! I mean, for Cam he’s kind of a native, he’s a local, he was born and raised there so I think he’s excited to have other people back there with him this summer. As an actor I’m excited to go back, but yeah I think Cam is just excited to have other people around him again.

Elsie, your character Skye is totally new to us. What can we expect from them?

Elsie: Yeah. I mean I think Skye is … you know they’re from a different world than the rest of the crew at Cousins beach, but hopefully it provides a nice change. She’s a little bit of an old soul.

David, your character’s relationship sadly didn’t work out with Belly in season one. Is there a new love on the horizon for Cam Cameron?

David: I dunno man… potentially, you gotta watch [laughs]. I don’t know, I mean I would like there to be some type of anything for the guy, I feel like he’s a really good dude, really empathetic.

Elsie: You sound like you’re talking about your father [laughs]

David: Yeah he’s a really great guy [laughs]. 

David: No, he [Cam] is a really empathetic person, cares a lot about other people so I do think he deserves it, even if it’s just a summer fling, just SOMETHING!

What do you guys like most about your characters?

Elsie: I don’t know, I think Skye has some really specific dialogue and some of it on the page… it’s almost like, I don’t know a little nerve wracking as an actor. It’s almost like, I don’t want to say Shakespearean because it’s not, but there’s some fun lines to throw out there. I don’t know, I just adore them. I’m a bit of a weirdo.

David: For Cam, and even in the first season and it continues to be the case in the second season he’s.. I hate to keep using the term underdog but I really do feel like he is an underdog especially in the first season. And then in the second season he’s not really a fish out of water, but he’s involved in everybody else’s circumstances, you find out more about his own personal life and it leads to a lot of comedic moments for Cam, which I love.

How did you guys channel your characters considering they’re new characters and not in the books?

Elsie: There are the tools you have as an actor in general [which are helpful]. Most things we work on generally aren’t from the books. It was nice though. I’m not sure how the rest of the cast feels having their character be from the books, but for me there was a lack of expectation, in a great way. Because you have this freedom to just kind of create this person and really play off of everyone else.

Brilliant, thank you so much for chatting to me, looking forward to July 14th

David: Thank you so much!

The Summer I Turned Pretty season two launches with three episodes on Friday 14th July, with new episodes following weekly until the season finale on Friday 18th August on Prime Video