The 16 Best Modern RomComs, According To Us

Get your popcorn ready.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good romcom? Sometimes a bit of cheese is all we need.

Most of us have rewatched the classics about gazillion times by now, so if you’re looking for something new we’ve compiled a list of the best modern romcoms. Put your fluffy socks on, grab your favourite snacks and of course a glass of wine and let’s get ready to binge!

1. Crazy Rich Asians

This is the film that, in my humble opinion, began the romcom renaissance. We had been starved of a great romance on our screens until Rachel and Nick came along. It had everything a romantic comedy, a hunky male lead, a relatable female lead, a hilarious best friend, gorgeous scenery and of course, a makeover montage.

2. Set It Up

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell’s onscreen chemistry had us all Googling were they actually dating. Unfortunately not. But we’ll always have Set It Up, a gem that follows two overworked and under-appreciated assistants who are trying to get their bosses to fall in love. But instead, fall in love with one another.

3. To All The Boys I Loved Before

This film spanned three films and kicked off Netflix’s obsession with teen romcoms for better or for worse. And yes, the rest of the series went downhill, quickly, there was something about the first film that will live on forever. Fake dating never looked so good.

4. Always Be My Maybe

Two words – Keanu Reeves. Also a Mariah Carey reference. Truly iconic. Ali Wong and Randall Park are geniuses in front of the camera and in the writing room. Case in point – Always Be My Maybe, a film that is the perfect modern rom-com from its cheeky comedy, 90s and 00s references and did we mention Keanu Reeves already?

5. Palm Springs

Andy Samberg is the perfect romcom lead, there I said it. He’s goofy, he’s handsome, he’s non-threatening. So what happens when you mix weddings with Ground Hog Day? Well, you find out in Palm Springs as our two leads are forced to relive the same day over and over again. They learn the errors of their ways and, of course, have that romantic connection along the way.

6. Someone Great

Would we have Lizzo if it wasn’t for Something Great? This is a romcom about friendship more than anything. And honestly, we think that is the perfect type of movie. Yes, there are romantic relationships abound here but the bond between the three women, Jenny, Erin and Blair is the real gem of this film.

7. Ticket to Paradise

George Clooney. Julia Roberts. Enough said. Julia Roberts is the queen of romcoms so we were delighted to see her back in one. And the chemistry between George and Julia? Well, it was sizzling. How did this not win an Oscar?

8. I Want You Back

Two heartbroken singletons team up to win back their other half. It’s literally the perfect plot. Because you spend the whole film knowing that they’ll fall for one another. Also more romantic roles for Jenny Slate and Charlie Day, I say!

9. Marry Me

J-Lo ruled the noughties and she’s back to rule the twenties too. Is she trying to cement her place as wedding romance queen between Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding, we’re sensing a theme here. Is it cringe? Sure, but that’s what this genre is all about.

10. The Lost City

Romancing the Stone just got a 21st-century update. And we get to look at Channing Tatum for all of it, so who are we to complain? Romance writer, who is lacking romance and romance model, who is madly in love are forced to run through the jungle, fighting for their life. We think it’s the perfect mix of action and romance.

11. Crush

Crush makes us nostalgic for my teenage years. But then I remember how awful they were and immediately regret that. It’s a sweet and complicated look at first love and finding it where you least expect it. Oh and that reminder that teenage girls might all be evil geniuses.

12. Fire Island

No not the failed festival. A group of best friends head on their annual pilgrimage to Fire Island. However, things take a turn when a massive shakeup threatens their paradise. It’s fun, it’s silly and it’s super heartfelt. Honestly, this film deserves all the hype!

13. Good Luck To You, Leo Grande

All these yunguns…but who says romance has to end at a certain age? Certainly not for Emma Thompson. And not if you throw in hunky Irish actor Daryl McCormack. More older women in rom-coms please!

14. Rosaline

In the nineties and early noughties, we had a lot of modernised Shakespeare retellings. But who says romcoms have to be set in the present day? Why not take a trip back to fair Verona and learn about Rosaline…the girl Romeo dumped for Juliet.

15. Bros

Billy Eicher can do no wrong. And he proves that once again in Bros, the film he wrote and starred in. It was lauded as being one of the best rom-coms of the year. And it is certainly up there.

16. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Being a teenager is tough, being a teenager who gets stuck repeating the same day over and over again is even tougher. When two teens are stuck in a time loop, they are forced to understand why they can’t escape the never ending cycle. Yes, it’s a rom-com, but we would recommend having a box of tissues handy to dry those tears away.


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