Tiger King Casting – Could Lindsay Lohan And Shia LaBeouf Be Set To Join Nicolas Cage?

The docuseries we all loved last month is set to become the TV series we’re all going to be hooked on shortly, as Nicolas Cage has been announced as the first actor set to star in the new Tiger King series.

Taking on the role of the infamous Joe Exotic, Nicholas will play a scripted role of the Tiger King’s life and all his wild pursuits from murder for hire to animal abuse, right up until his 22 year jail sentence, which he is now currently serving.

And although many believed David Spade or Brad Pitt might take on the leading zookeeper role, Nicolas Cage will now fill those shoes and speculation as to who will be joining him has never been more intriguing.

Here’s what people are saying on Twitter…

Shia LaBeouf as John Finlay 

The leading husband for many years to Joe Exotic, John Finaly’s role in the docuseries is quite a large one and so, we can imagine it will be the same when the TV series makes its debut, but who will play John?

Well, according to the man himself he’d like to see Channing Tatum or Shia LaBeouf take on the role, with Finlay saying that LaBeouf would be a good fit as he’s “relatable”. “He would probably be a good choice because with a beard he can look like me, and he can relate to me,” he explained.

And it looks as though Twitter agrees, with people opting for Shia over Channing.

Billy Bob Thornton as Rick Kirkman

Another leading role in the show for the majority of it, Rick had his sights set on making Joe a star before Netflix did however, all his footage was burnt to the ground in a surprise fire and so, he made a lucky escape and fled the zoo.

But when it comes to casting Rick, there’s only one name that keeps cropping up and that’s for Billy Bob Thornton to take on the role.

Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin


One of the most disputed roles when it came to ‘who should play Carole Baskin?’ Some fans believed it belonged to Drew Barrymore while others wanted Melissa McCarthy but it looks like Kate McKinnon has nabbed the role according to reports from the US.

We can see Kate making this role her own and tbh, we think it’s perfect casting. Will the show expand on Don’s disappearance? Here’s hoping.

Vince Vaughn as Jeff Lowe 

Again, another highly disputed role which saw many potential runners including Jason Sudeikis, Russell Crowe and again, David Spade, but one we’re constantly seeing (and rooting for) is Vince Vaughn to take on the role.

We could see him serving up the same cold front as Jeff, giving off that mysterious yet slighting terrifying vibe.

Here’s one fan’s dream cast list which includes Vince as Jeff. 

Lindsay Lohan as Lauren Lowe 

And our last potential casting that we can’t help but notice cropping up online again and again is to see Lindsay Lohan take on the minor role of Lauren Lowe, Jeff’s wife.

Lauren’s marriage to Jeff is one that plays out in the docuseries, seeing the pair have children together despite Jeff’s fondness of the nanny which he openly admits to, we could see Lindsay owning this role and if she was paired with Vince Vaughn, could it be TV magic?

As the cast of Tiger King is so vast, we’ve seen plenty names for Doc Antle, Travis and Dillon Passage, but none that we’re totally sold on yet, who would you like to see in the TV series? Tweet us your thoughts @stellarmagazine.


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