WATCH: Netflix Is Dropping 4 Christmas Movies Including A Festive Rom-Com

Is it too early to start decorating the tree? Building the gingerbread house?


OK, so we didn’t get the summer we all imagined, tnx Corona, but you can be sure we’ll get our mileage out of Christmas, starting by extending the season and milking it for all it’s worth; while abiding by Government guidelines, of course.

We’re planning to start our holiday festivities early this year, like watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate and dare I say it… present shopping.

And it appears as though Netflix are on the same boat as us, releasing four new Christmas movies, with some of them dropping in October; even before Halloween.

One which is highly anticipated is a brand new festive rom com starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. The movie titled Holidate sees two strangers plan to be each other’s dates for Christmas to avoid judgement of being “forever alone” from their families, neighbours, etc.

Yes, it looks like the ball of cheese we need and deserve.

Watch the trailer below – Holidate drops October 28

Also landing on the streaming service is some Dolly Parton. Christmas In The Square is another new movie which sees one wealthy woman try to evict everyone out of her hometown right before Christmas, selling the town’s land to greedy property developers.

Well, where’s her Christmas cheer there?!

Starring Christine Baranski as the lead, and Dolly Parton as an angel (of course), the film will feature a LOT of music and some festive miracles. Cute.

Lastly, we’ve got two more helpings, both dropping in November.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, dropping on November 13, is a story about a toymaker and his granddaughter creating a magical invention, so think Pinocchio live-action vibes there.


And lastly, the one we’re all familiar with, the highly speculated sequel to The Christmas Chronicles at the end of November.

Delightful. We’ve got so much to look forward to, we won’t lie, we’re low-key buzzing for winter.


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