YES! We’ve Finally Got A Release Date For Modern Love 2

Some of the series was filmed here in Dublin over the past year.

After a long break, one which was lengthened due to Covid-19, season two of Amazon Prime’s Modern Love is officially back on track and scheduled for release late this year, August 13th to be precise.

In the first season which debuted in October 2019, it follows eight love stories all based off real essays submitted over the years to the New York Times Modern Love column. A column that became so popular it lead to a book release, a show and a podcast, it’s absolutely no wonder that Amazon Prime are bringing the series back for a second season.

All the love stories are tales of romance, loss, unrequited love, human connection, heartbreak and all that can happen over the course of someone’s life when they open their hearts. What’s amazing about the stories is how refreshing they are, how true to someone’s life they are and how we can really find a piece of ourselves hidden in every word.

As many people might have spotted, the show was filming season two around Ireland over the past year, with Kit Harrington been spotted in Dublin’s Stoneybatter.

So who will be in the second season? As we know from season one, none of the episodes are linked and so, each episode features different cast members and will continue to do so for season two.

Who’s involved? Here are of the cast members.

As for other details, we know the same director is back one again, John Carney – who is also the writer and executive producer. But, what we don’t know is what essays and stories will be included in this season. Sure, there’s eight we can cross off from S1, but it’s unsure as to what ones will be incorporated. All we know is that it’s going to be a wild ride, so tissues at the ready, folks!