Ten Books To Cosy Up With This Autumn

It's curl up with a good book season.

If there’s ever a time of year that will have you dying to curl up with a good book – it’s Autumn.

The summer has officially withered away and rain is beating on our windows, so we might as well give in to the Irish weather.

That means cosy PJ bottoms, mugs of tea, and books that give you that Autumnal vibe.

Where to start? We’ve got you covered.

The Secret History 


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Donna Tartt’s The Secret History is the epitome of dark academia – making it ideal for a cosy, atmospheric Autumn read.

The book follows a group of “clever, eccentric misfits” at an elite New England college as they discover a new way of thinking and living…one that leads them to do unspeakable things.


The Dead Romantics

For the lover girls, here’s an Autumn inspired book that marries Halloween and romance.

The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston tells the story of ghost-writer Florence Day, who’s life is falling to pieces.

But then, an actual ghost shows up after the death of her father, and as spirits go, this one is “infuriatingly handsome”.

It’s a quirky, heartwarming, paranormal love story – what more could you want?

Never Let Me Go


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Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go is a futuristic mystery and love story that asks some deep moral questions about humanity. It’s perfect for a long, blustery evening!

The story follows a group of students at a seemingly innocuous boarding school, however there are things that set these children apart from others – one being that they aren’t allowed any contact with the outside world.

It’s one that will leave you with food for thought!

The Invisible Life Of Addie La Rue


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A magical romance with a supernatural twist, V.E. Schwab writes of a girl who makes a deal with a dark being, granting her immortality – but the inability to be remembered by anyone.

The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue is a rich, chunky read that you can sink your teeth into, with a couple of twists to keep you guessing. Ideal.



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It’s a year since Rebecca died, but her shadow still haunts the estate of Manderley. How can Maxim de Winter’s shy new bride ever fill her place?…

This is a contemporary classic that you’ve probably heard of but maybe never got around to; and this is the perfect season to tuck in!

A slow, gothic masterpiece; it’s a total ode to Autumn.

A Monster Calls

Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls is a sweet and sort-of spooky book about a little boy coming to terms with his mother’s terminal illness.

It’s really a YA novel, but people of all ages will be touched by it’s tender and fantastical elements. It’s Halloweeny, heartbreaking, and all round gorgeous.

The Girl On The Train


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Cosy, creepy, mystery lovers! The Girl On The Train will be right up your alley.

It’s an eery and intriguing book about a woman who watches a couple on her train journey each day, eventually finding herself embroiled in their life when disaster strikes.


Samantha can’t stand the twee, obnoxious girls in her college programme who all call each other ‘Bunny’ – that is, until she’s invited to hang out with them.

Ditching her one friend to join the Bunny’s clique, Samantha gets drawn into a dark and twisted reality that she never could have imagined.

A dark, spellbinding novel that will keep you company on a lazy Sunday, this is a perfect Autumn page-flicker.



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We couldn’t do an Autumnal books list without an honourable mention for Twilight!

It’s the original angsty teen tale of vampires, werewolves, the moody town of Forks, and one sullen but special girl who’s life is about to change. Iconic, to say the least.

Go on, you know you want to!

The Invisible Hour

Keeping on the thread of magical realism, we had to finish our list with a true Autumnal read; The Invisible Hour by Alice Hoffman.

This is a truly witchy kind of book about a cult in Massachusetts, the magic of literature, and one woman’s dream.

Happy Reading!