Terrie McEvoy Has Had To Spend Christmas In Hospital After Rescuing A Dog

We hope she's feeling better soon!

Irish influencer, Terrie McEvoy has had to spend her Christmas in hospital this year after an unfortunate accident in the days before. She shared with her followers that she rescued a small dog from the side of the road after almost knocking him over last Wednesday.

The poor animal was frightened, and as Terrie tried to lead him to safety he bit her hand.

Sadly, this led to the Dublin nurse then needing surgery on her hand and having to spend all of the festive season in hospital.

“My hand swelled up quite bad where I was bitten and I’ve been admitted for IV antibiotics and surgery tomorrow. Not the Xmas I planned, I’m really devastated…”

“I’ve honestly cried a river… but it is what it is. We’ll have Xmas another day.”

Terrie has been keeping her followers updated on her progress, as she thought she would be home by now. She has since shared that she will have to have a second surgery on her hand before she gets to go home; “I need to go back to theatre again on Sunday and hopefully home Monday if the tendon is less infected.”

Always one to remain positive she shared to Instagram; “There is always someone way worse and there will be plenty more xmas’s with my little fam. To anyone else feeling down, lonely or like you want to scream this xmas-I feel ya! 2020 can kindly get in the bin now!”

“Ps…. what a dramatic way to get out of cooking dinner eh?”

Dogs Trust Ireland left the Instagram star a heartfelt message; “Terrie, sorry to hear you were injured in the process of saving a dog’s life. We wish you a very speedy recovery.”

We hope she gets better soon!