Terrie McEvoy Opens Up About Pregnancy Joy

“I’m feeling absolute great, probably the best I’ve ever felt in my life,”

Terrie McEvoy has revealed she’s on cloud nine and feeling fantastic following her pregnancy announcement earlier this month.

The influencer and her husband David Fitzpatrick are expecting their first child together later this year, and Terrie admits the first trimester has been idyllic.

“I’m feeling absolutely great, probably the best I’ve ever felt in my life,” she beamed.

“I know a lot of people are going to be like ‘oh my god you wagon’ because I know the first trimester can be so, so tough for so many different people.”

“M mam had five kids and my sister has two and they had really nice pregnancies, so fingers crossed I’m taking after them!”

The couple shares a rescue dog named Jake, who has been glued to her side over the last number of weeks.

Terrie admits he’s constantly nuzzling up to her and when out for a walk with David, rushes to get home to her.

“Jake has been absolutely stuck to me over the last few months. He definitely knows,” she said.

“David has been keeping really well too, he has me completely wrapped in bubble wrap as you can imagine,” she added with a laugh.

Last week Terrie shared a gorgeous clip from the moment they learned of her pregnancy.

Alongside the video, she said, “And just like that nothing else in the whole world matters #myworld #ourfamily.”

Wishing the pair all of the happiness!