Terrie McEvoy Teases New Project Announcement As She Shoots In Portugal

We are so excited to see what she's up to!

Terrie McEvoy is up to something very exciting at the moment, only we don’t yet know what exactly it is!

The influencer, nurse and mom-to-be is in Portugal shooting a very exciting new project and she has finally given followers a countdown of the big reveal.

Speaking on her Instagram story Terrie said, “I’m absolutely dying to fill you in on what I’m shooting, so tomorrow at 12pm I will be able to let you know. I had a few messages from a couple of girls guessing what I’m up to and they were actually right so it’s just really exciting to see you guys guessing what I’m doing and getting excited about it. Sorry for the giddiness, it’s just been such an amazing day and I can’t wait to tell you guys”.

We cannot wait to find out! Tomorrow at 12 it is!

Before she left yesterday she said in her Instagram story at Dublin airport that she was “Off to shoot the project [she’s] been working on”. She called the whole experience a “pinch me moment!”.

Which has us even more excited for the reveal.

The influencer and nurse has recently returned from a trip to Croatia with her husband David after not being able to travel due to the pandemic. Terrie shared how much se missed the travel content, so there is no doubt she was excited to hop on a plane again and jet off somewhere else.

While over there, the influencer posted tonnes of gorgeous snaps of her trip saying, “Felt so unbelievably homesick for travel and so grateful that we have it back!🌎💫 For those of you heading away soon I hope you have the safest, most magical time! You deserve it!! 🥰✈️👏🏼 Where to next @davidfitz1986 ✈️ 😉 #travel #feelinggrateful #croatia”.

The couple are expecting their first child and celebrated her six months of pregnancy while away.

She recently gave followers a pregnancy update after returning home saying, “I am very very lucky that my pregnancy is low risk, so I’m being managed in community which is amazing, I don’t actually have to go into the hospital, and fingers crossed it keeps going that way”.

Terrie also thanked followers for their lovely messages saying, “I just want to say thanks to everyone that sent me a message over the last couple of weeks, it’s just so nice to communicate with so many women, it’s so lovely. Whether its tips and tricks and stuff like that, it’s great”.

We are looking forward to seeing what’s next for Terrie as it seems like it’ll be a very exciting announcement!

Keeping our eyes peeled on Sunday!

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