Terry Crews Gave A Powerful Testimony Of His Alleged Sexual Assault To The US Senate

Last year, the actor claimed that he was groped by a Hollywood agent.

Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Terry Crews gave his testimony of his experience with sexual assault in front of the US Senate yesterday.

In the midst of the #MeToo movement beginning back in October 2017, Terry spoke about for the first time about being groped by a Hollywood agent at a party.

He was asked to give testimony at a hearing on proposed legislation for the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights yesterday – and in court, he outlined what had happened to him:

The assault lasted only minutes, but what he was effectively telling me while he held my genitals in his hand, was that he held the power. That he was in control. This is how toxic masculinity permeates culture.

After being asked whether he fought back against his attacker, Terry got visibly upset.

“Senator… As a black man in America, you only have a few shots at success. You only have a few chances to make yourself a viable member of the community. I’m from Flint, Michigan. I have seen many, many young black men, who were provoked into violence. They were imprisoned, or they were killed.”

As he recalled the attack, Terry spoke about why he found it so hard to make public.

I was told over and over that this was not abuse. This was just a joke. This was just horseplay. But I can say one man’s horseplay is another man’s humiliation. And I chose to tell my story and share my experience to stand in solidarity with millions of other survivors around the world. That I know how hard it is to come forward. I know the shame associated with the assault.

Terry credited his wife for getting him through the tough period in his life.

“My wife, for years, prepared me. She said, “If you ever get goaded, if you ever get prodded, if you ever have anyone try to push you into any kind of situation – don’t do it. Don’t be violent. She trained me, I’ll be honest with you.”

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The actor also explained that after his assault, he contacted the agency of the attacker and he has the texts to prove it.

I told them how I almost violent, but I didn’t and I said “What are you going to do about this predator that you have roaming your hallways?” And I was told, “We’re gonna do everything in our power. We’re gonna handle this Terry. You’re right, this is unacceptable.” And then, they disappeared.
After talking about his own experience, Terry went onto talk about what the Sexual Assault Survivors bill would mean for people.
“This bill gives survivors the right to have time to have time to distance themselves from the immediate trauma before making the difficult decision to report the assault to law enforcement.”
In a distasteful move, rapper 50 Cent mocked Terry in a post on Instagram, sharing a meme captioned “I got raped. My wife just watched.”
50 Cent said in the now-deleted post: “LOL, What the f**k is going on out here man? Terry: I froze in fear. They would have had to take me to jail. Get the strap.”

Understandably, people took to twitter to express their disgust over the post.

TMZ spoke to Terry about the rapper’s comments, to which he responded: “Well, I love 50 Cent. I listen to his music while I’m working out. [But] I prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual assault.”

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