‘Thanks For Being So Real’: Fans Praise Faces By Grace For Her Honesty In Latest Instagram Post

She opened up about her lack motivation and drive.

Grace Mongey, more commonly known by her blogger name of Faces By Grace, has always been open about her struggle with depression and anxiety.

Yesterday, the mum-of-one took to Instagram to say that she’s been feeling a bit down lately, and that she’s trying hard to get back to her old self again.

“I’m not sure if you have noticed or not, but I haven’t quite felt myself the last month or so,” she began. “I just seem to lack motivation and drive, I find myself lost in thought and just not feeling great.

“I’ve spoke to friends and family about it and they all reassured me that it’s normal, that it will pass and I will feel like myself again soon.

“Strange how your mood can change and I can’t quite put my finger on what caused it… and it’s not that easy to just get up and feel happy again. Hopefully I won’t feel this way for too long and I’ll be back to myself again soon.”

Fans of the beauty blogger have been commending her in the comment section, saying, “Thanks for being so real as always. I don’t like this time of year from start of August, I’m not me for the few weeks until September kicks in properly. You are not alone! Love the yellow jacket, you look great.”

Another person wrote, “Love your honesty. I can relate so much to this – you are just a very down-to-earth person with no crap.”

Others have been sharing tips to help Grace feel better. One woman said, “I get like that too and can get very bad anxiety. Recently I’ve started taking vitamin D and magnesium and I really feel a difference. Might be worth a try for you?”

Another follower suggested, “Meet some upbeat friends for a coffee, listen to some music, get plenty of sleep, give yourself the time to come through the slump. You’ll come out the other side much better and brighter.”

Can you relate to what Grace is going through?

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