‘That Coat’: Here’s The €80 Zara Jacket You’re About To See Absolutely Everywhere

And we mean everywhere.

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It’s that time of year again when shopping for the ultimate winter coat is of paramount importance.

Fortunately, one blogger is attempting to make the annual hunt a whole lot easier and claims to have already spotted this season’s best selling outer layer.

In fact, the blogger, Alice Frances, claims that once she had seen the coat in question – a buttonless navy and cream printed jacket from Zara that costs just €80 – she couldn’t unsee it and began noticing it pretty much everywhere.

She even started an Instagram account to document just how popular the jacket had become.

“I really hadn’t noticed. I hadn’t spotted the infiltration. And I wouldn’t expect you to unless you KNOW,” Alice writes in a blog post. “And once you know you’ll start seeing it – sitting next to you on the tube, buying a pret sandwich, sitting in the pew next to you at the wedding…”.

“It all started at Chelsea Flower Show ‘She’s wearing my coat’. ‘Which coat?’ ‘That coat’ and suddenly, everywhere,” Alice explains. “A blue and white printed coat worn by women all over London. It’s as though they are in a secret club.”

Right then, we’re off to shop this little number before it sells out, but just in case it’s not your thing, we’ve found some other potential It coats that’ll definitely be making it big this winter riiiight here.

You’re welcome.