“That Just Isn’t Right…” Fans Are Lashing Out At Amber Rose Over Latest Instagram Post Of Her Son

This has really angered some people

Insta model Amber Rose has come in for some harsh criticism following her latest Instagram post of her son, Sebastian.

Kanye West’s former girlfriend has a four-year-old son with rapper Wiz Khalifa, who she shares custody with.

However just yesterday, she posted a picture of her naturally dark-haired little boy with bleach blond locks. Although she specifies that Sebastian asked for the change of hair colour, fans are calling her out for mistreating the young boy.


“He’s absolutely beautiful!!just please parents be careful with chemicals at such a young age,”  one user commented.

“However as a parent you aren’t going to purposely hurt your child some people would say dyeing and or bleaching may change or damage his original texture or case a bad reaction on his skin that young!”

“That just isn’t right. Number one dye strips our hair of all it’s protein. Number two he’s only 5 years old it is our duty and responsibility to raise our children and make choices for them. The problem is parents are letting their children make decisions at the age of 5. If he was a teenager then I see you discussing it and you can come to a compromise between the two of you. But at his age I’m sorry I think it’s irresponsible. Just my opinion.”

Another simply added “Smh…terrible”

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