THAT Taylor Swift Phone Call With Kanye Has Been Leaked In Full

Once again Kanye and Taylor are the top of everyone's newsfeed, but this time it seems that it's Kanye getting cancelled. 

We all know by now the long history of beef between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. But first, a quick recap.

Back at the 2009 VMA’s Taylor won the award for Best Female Video. Kanye, being Kanye thought Beyonce was more deserving so he hopped on stage, took the mic and proceeded to tell everyone exactly what he thought.

The footage is an uncomfortable watch, as Taylor was just 19 at the time and was a fan of Kanye. She looks visible uncomfortable as she stands aside after he takes the mic. This was the start of many spats between the pair.

Then in 2016 Kanye released a song that featured lyrics about Taylor; “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b***h famous.”

This further added fuel to the fire in the fued between the pair, especially as Taylor said Kanye never asked her if he could call her a b*tch in the song.

Then, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian shared footage of a phone call that they claimed showed that Taylor in fact did give her permission, and so the plot thickened.

The story then blew up further and Taylor retreated from the public eye as she was dubbed a ‘snake’ and ‘attention seeking.’

Now, the full 25 minute video has been released of the phone-call, which seems to show that Taylor actually wasn’t lying. It seems the lyrics Kanye mentioned to Taylor over the phone did not include calling her a b*tch and that he was quite mis-leading.

We can also hear Taylor saying she wants go and think about it first.

Now once again Kanye and Taylor are the top of everyone’s newsfeed, but this time it seems that it’s Kanye getting cancelled.


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