The 13 Reasons Why Cast Marched For Pride In San Francisco And The Pics Are *So* Cute

"Be proud, be you, be strong. #PrideEveryday"

On Sunday afternoon, the cast of the Netflix Original series 13 Reasons Why came together to march in the San Francisco Pride Parade, an annual celebration of the LGBTQ community.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s about a group of teenagers from all walks of life who, despite their differences, must come together after one of their classmates takes her own life.

The actors, including Katherine Langford (Hannah), Christian Lee Navarro (Tony), Michele Selene Ang (Courtney), and Alisha Boe (Jessica), put on a colourful display as they rode the Netflix float and walked the streets bearing messages such as “Be an original,” and “So many reasons to be proud.”

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Each of them shared loving messages on their personal Instagram feeds about supporting one another, with Katherine saying, “PRIDE ❤️????
Wishing everyone a beautiful and safe day, full of love. Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend, and to those who continually support the community. May we continue to support and fight for those who are marginalised ? “.

Brandon Flynn, who plays Justin in the 13-part show, couldn’t make it to San Francisco but he met with friends (including Tommy Dorfman who plays the part of Ryan), and marched through Paris in solidarity with his cast members back home in the States.

Posting a photo to Instagram, he said, “Happy to see my 13 Reasons Family at SF Pride today… Having all of us all over the world spreading our love is making me so happy. Cheers to all the weirdos and everyone who feels different, the struggle is real but know that there are people just like you who want you to live your truth and your life. Be proud, be you, be strong. #PrideEveryday Paris Pride 2017″.


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Michele Selene Ang also shared a loving message, saying, “When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.” (B. Obama) Filled with #pride to march for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, for love-in my hometown! ?❤️???????? “.

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