The 20 Best Feel Good Instagram Accounts

The greatest positive, optimistic, and just gas accounts to brighten up your feed.


This was a toss-up between Kate and Chrissy Teigen but one, we already know Chrissy is queen of the Internet, two, Twitter is more her thing, and three, you’ll probably be more surprised by Kate’s because she is just the most GAS bitch ever. From goat yoga with her ex-husband to buying a two-person costume of her own cat, her videos and pictures are absolutely hilarious and refreshing, especially from a gorgeous Hollywood star.


If you’re someone that loves rom coms, love songs and happy endings, check out this lovely account. It’s very American, but we won’t hold that against it – the cheesiness suits the subject matter. It’s pretty self-explanatory; an account of people writing in the first person how they met their other half. Some of the stories are pretty normal, some sweet and some sort of tragic, but it’s always interesting.


Journalist @amyohconnor is known for her wit and wisdom on Twitter, but it’s with this Insta account she excels. You might be familiar with @kanyedoingthings, but this is even better because it features our own President Miggeldy Higgins, TDs, RTE stars and promo models of the early Noughties. Irish humour at its nest.


This one is very straightforward, and I first came across it through Reese Witherspoon of all people. It’s simply a shot from above of beautiful floors from around the world. If that sounds boring, check it out – some of these tiles, carpets, rugs and marble floors are astoundingly pretty as well as oddly comforting.


Another dog and food combo, this time where the puppers actually appear photoshopped into various meals and snacks. It might take you a second to find them, but when you do it brings unmitigated joy. If you enjoy things in food, do also check out @tasteofstreep.


The beauty of the world never fails to stop me in my tracks, and who better to post about the earth, its inhabitants, wildlife and weather than the specialist multimedia company? The photos are obviously stunning, and you literally learn something new every day from this one.


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The one and only @helloimthechooch

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Another one for dog lovers, or just people that enjoy funny slow-mo videos and before and after makeovers on pups. This LA-based groomer posts vids and pics of its furry clients, sometimes showing off their new ‘do in front of a wind machine. It’s niche, but it’s amazing.


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This needs to be a law (@betches) #midult

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If you’re not really a fully-fledged millennial but not really a grown-up either, this is the account for you – especially if you’re always tired, can’t be arsed with hashtags but are surgically attached to your smartphone. Hilarious memes and witty observations abound.


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A Glow ?

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We hope you’re following our very own senior fashion darling @eileenstylequeen, but Baddie takes it to the next level. She just turned 90 and literally has no f*cks to give – girlfriend will wear whatever she wants and have a fab time doing it.


Similar to @ihavethisthingwithfloors, this is an account dedicated to the beauty of flowers – but it’s Irish! Yep, the gorgeous ladies at Clarendon St’s Appassionata will bring joy to your day simply by posting pictures of gorgeously curated bouquets and arrangements. Colour, nature… it’s the simple things.


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“I got assaulted in the swimming pool this morning. I was in the middle lane, like always. It’s my lane. And this woman swims right at me while I’m making my turn. Physical contact. I didn’t handle that well, because I’m a Libra. I took it to another level. I kicked my pace into second gear. Next thing you know, she’s right on top of me, pushing me out of the lane. I had to get management involved. It ruined my morning. I even cancelled my trip to the beach. But then I went to yoga and calmed down for a hot minute. And now I’ve invented another activity. I went to the Whole Foods’ salad bar and created my own appetizer: Brown Rice Gluten Free Brown Chip Tapenade. So I still got my fun in.”

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Another people-focused one, this photographer just started snapping New Yorkers for the ‘gram and asking them to tell a story about themselves. It’s incredibly human and poignant, and its posts go viral all the time. We have our own one too, @humansofdub, and if you want to get offline, both accounts have released books.


Like food and dogs? Then you’ll love this little guy. It’s just an adorable little mongrel terrier who looks especially cute while surrounded by OTT dishes, and brings joy to your day by being such a good boy for not scoffing them all before his owner gets the shot.


Another one that’s pretty obvious but for good reason – the good people behind the account simply trawl celebrity Instagram posts looking for interactions with other celebrities and even trolls, and it’s damn genius.


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? Every Outfit Investigates? I’M LOVIN’ THIS PRODUCT PLACEMENT ? After watching this show for the billionth time, we came to the sudden realization that McDonald’s probably paid for their numerous appearances on Sex and the City. And honestly, we’re not even mad. The fact that the writers managed to slip in so many unnecessary Big Mac references without anyone noticing is beyond brilliant. Because in what fucking universe would these bougie women wait in line for 99 cent apple pies? So @McDonalds, we just want to put it out there that we too are completely open to any and all SponCon opportunities. We would love to write witty, cross-branded captions such as, “I couldn’t help but wonder if the McRib is back?” Just IMAGINE the possibilities. Please slide into our DMs @McDonalds. We are thirsty for your McFlurries, literally and figuratively. [S2/EP12 / S4/EP9 / S6/EP12 /S5/EP5 / S6/EP14] #everyoutfitinvestigates #McDonalds #Manolos #McRib #SponCon #ImLovinIt

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My personal favourite as a Sex and the City superfan, this account always makes me smile. It started out as a way of chronicling and discussing every single piece of clothing worn in the 84 episodes
of SATC, but has since evolved to include a woke commentary surrounding the problematic aspects of the show for a millennial audience. If that sounds super serious, it both is and isn’t – their #WokeCharlotte meme is as hilarious as it is poignant.


Another fave of mine that just posts cool images from the 1990s of celebs that are still knocking around today. From Princess Diana to the supermodels to Liv Tyler and J Lo, it’s a gorgeous blast of nostalgia – and surprisingly good fashion inspo. Just beware the eyebrows!


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The bio on this account reads “Can’t draw very well, but I never let it stop me.” It’s a mix of funny stick figure cartoons and astute memes, and it’s so spot on that I guarantee you you’ll both feel seen, and repost immediately. Good new is, the gal behind it sells prints and cards!


Another simply wonderful page, this chronicles old-style shop front signs from around Ireland. If you’re into design, fonts or just the history of our gorgeous little country, you’ll get a kick out of this – particularly when your hometown pops up. Ahh, Ireland.


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Eyes that can predict the future.

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One for all the feline lovers out there, this account will leave you wondering why this cat is better looking than 99% of the world’s population, but not in a sad way. You’ll just be filled with admiration. See also @cobythecat.


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How could we compile a list like this without including our very own Southside Stunner? The Hun who tells it like it is and makes us practically wet ourselves every time we log on! For the most part, it’s just screenshots of her best tweets, but that’s good enough for us – I always laugh when she pops up in my feed amongst the Insta-models and #sponcon.


There are many, MANY brilliant doggo accounts on Instagram, but none better than this one. People basically submit images of their incredibly cute canines, and this account curates them with hilarious captions. Sometimes it really is the simplest things.


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