The 5 Best Pumpkin Carving Tips To Make Your Life Easier

No need to work up a sweat

closeup photo of pumpkins

With Halloween right around the corner, we are sure you may have pumpkin carving on your mind. It’s a fun activity to do alone, or with little ones on a miserable evening.

It’s all fun and wholesome, sure, however, all those gooey guts, and hard exteriors can be a lot of work, and let’s not get started on what happens when they start to decay.

Luckily for you, we have found 5 methods to help you hack your pumpkin a little more easily- and hopefully to make them last a little longer too.

Lo-bottom-ise Your Pumpkin

This hack supposedly helps your pumpkin to survive longer by keeping the moisture in. The opening on the bottom will also make it extra easy to put in your light!

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No Smoke Just Lights

Trade a tea light for some LED string lights instead. This will lessen the fire hazard that comes with a naked flame, and won’t burn your pumpkin alive either. Bonus points if you can find a coloured light too – we’re thinking red or green for those extra spooky vibes.

Grab Your Whisk

It can be both messy and hard work to remove the insides of the pumpkin by hand (does anyone else embarrassingly work up a sweat?) So why not try your hand at the mixer method? This apparently makes pumpkin gut removal a breeze, and the videos speak for themselves.

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And your Cookie Cutter while you’re at it

Stray from the tradition of bending your good knives for the sake of pumpkin carving. Using a cookie cutter and a hammer to make cool and spooky shapes with ease is a different and perhaps easier approach that you can try out this year. Plus it looks very professional at the end, it’s a win win!

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Put The Power Hose To Use Too

This unconventional pumpkin carving trend has exploded on TikTok, and seems to be more so about fun than anything else. Get some unusual face by carving with a power washer if you’re feeling brave.


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Written by Rebekah O’Reilly