‘The Adventure Continues’ Terrie McEvoy Reveals She Bought Camper Van For Travelling

The perfect DIY project.

Terrie McEvoy has revealed that she and her husband, David, have bought themselves a camper van this weekend, after her spending some time trying to convince him!

The nurse and influencer posted some snaps of the van to Instagram and shared her hopes at getting to travel again soon.

“And so the adventure continues!!! Say hi to Goldilocks!!! Our new little converted camper van that we cannot wait to pull it apart, fix up and put our own little stamp on for our adventures around Ireland this year.

“Jake absolutely LOVES it! We can’t wait to share some #vanlife inspo and bring you all along with us.”

Terrie and David are big fans of travelling, although they made the decision back in 2019 to move home from Australia and settle in Dublin.

The couple spent a lot of time travelling throughout Asia and parts of Europe over the last few years, so adjusting to staying put during the pandemic has undoubtedly been a learning curve for them.

Now they have their own wheels, they’re sure to document their adventures around Ireland this summer and we can’t wait to see what they do with their new van!


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