The Amount Irish Men Typically Spend On An Engagement Ring Has Been Revealed

Is this more or less what you expected?

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We’re fast approaching that time of year again. That magical season when every second update on your Facebook page is someone you know announcing their engagement.

And you’re by no means imaging the correlation, because according to a new infographic, Christmas really is the most popular time for couple’s to get engaged in Ireland.

According to Valentina Fine Diamonds, one in five engagements take place in Ireland in December, with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve proving the most popular days to pop the question.

And what of the cost? Well, when it comes to splashing the cash on that all-important diamond, the amount Irish lads are willing to pay varies widely, with ring spending ranging from €3500 to €729 across the country.

Men in Cork are the most generous spending €3,500, followed by Dublin (€2,149), Galway (€1,449), Monaghan (€1,140) – and lastly Cavan (€899) and Westmeath (€729).

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Interestingly, the infographic also reveals that 1 in 3 men actually lie about what they paid, with 1 in 4 going as far as to double the price of the rock they splurged out on.

Why? Apparently it’s all down to societal pressure, with many fellas believing they have to splash the cash to really impress.

Take it from us lads, it really is the thought that counts and not the price tag.


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