The Amount Of Money Influencers Get Paid For A Single Instagram Post Will Make Your Jaw Drop

We're talking THOUSANDS.

We all know that influencers can make a hefty living from their Instagram accounts, but we never knew quite how much they were making until right now. Prepare to get hella jealous, ladies.

Hopper HQ, an Instagram planning and scheduling tool, has compiled the first-ever Instagram Rich List using a mix of internal data and publicly available information. They were soon able to figure out who earns the most money per Insta post – and how much they’re earning too.

It seems that the five Kardashian sisters have made the rich list (no surprises there, TBH) while Selena Gomez was named the highest Insta-earning celebrity with a reported income of £425,000 for one post alone. With 122 million followers, she’s a brand marketer’s dream.

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The singer’s most recent post on the social channel is promoting Coach handbags and accessories, and has garnered over 3.5 million likes in less than a week.

But what about non-celebrity influencers? Hopper revealed that the Dubai based beauty YouTuber, Huda Kattan, topped the influencer rich list with a reported earning of £14,000 for one Insta post to her 20.5 million followers. Yikes!

Mike Bandar, co-founder of HopperHQ, explained to the Daily Mail that, “With approximately 700 million active monthly users across the world, Instagram offers a wealth of potential customers for brands that have the budget to harness the influence of the people on our lists, and a chance for people to make a real career out of ‘gramming’.

“In the last couple of years influencers and celebrities have really caught on to the fact that endorsing brands on Instagram pays off, and as you can see from our rich lists, there is a serious amount of money to be made.”

We’re definitely pursuing the wrong career.

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