The Average Annual Wage Of A Top Blogger Has Been Revealed

You won't believe how much they can earn for one Insta post.

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It’ll come as no surprise that we’re big fans of bloggers; we run a weekly slot on the site and a page every month in the mag showcasing the best of Irish blogging talent, but even we were a tad surprised when we heard the average amount they earn in a year.

According to WWD, bloggers with a big following can earn between $5,000 and $25,000 (that’s approximately €4,600 to €23,000, FYI) for one sponsored Instagram post.

Lets do the maths. That means a blogger doing one sponsored post a month at a base rate of €4,600 could take home €55,200, just through Instagram. Yikes, sounds like we’re in the wrong business.

Instagram isn’t their only earner though, and many bloggers can make major monies from other endorsements such as mentions on their blogs, personal appearances, book deals, workshops and brand partnerships.

In fact, some partnerships have helped bloggers achieve millionaire status, with companies reportedly shelling out between €1million and €3million for a year-long contract with some of the biggest names in the bizz.

When you reach a certain follower level companies will pay you to review certain products.

Speaking to us in the October issue of the mag, some of Ireland’s biggest bloggers told us how blogging has become a nice little earner for them.

Aisling Murray revealed that she’s now earning as much through her blog, as she did when she first started her day job, while full-time blogger Rosie Connolly told us “when you reach a certain follower level companies will pay you to review certain products. I do beauty masterclasses, too,” she says. “That’s a good earner!”

The crux though? Like any job, it’ll only pay off if you’re prepared to put the hours in, so before you quit your day job to become Ireland’s next top blogger, remember that it takes a substantial amount of time, energy and commitment to build up a following that’s big enough to replace your regular pay cheque.


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