‘The Backlash On This Is Heavy’: Cara Delevingne Forced To Defend Herself After Posting This Instagram Pic

She had to clarify her message.

Model-turned-writer Cara Delevingne has come under fire for her recent Instagram post. Cara, who is writing a book, posted a meme that reads: “One girl loved reading so much, she forgot to take a selfie” and was instantly met with a tonne of criticism from fans who thought she was accusing self-takers of being vain and vapid.

So harsh was the backlash, that Cara later had to clarify her message and change the image’s caption.

Updating fans she wrote, “Wow! The backlash on this picture is heavy!! I am not trying to say that I am better than anyone. It’s a nice reminder to me and to anyone. The power of getting lost in a book.”

What do you make of Cara’s meme? Inflammatory or harmless?

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