The Best Films To Watch On Netflix This International Women’s Day

We have the ultimate list of movies to watch on Netflix for the occasion.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and as Sunday’s are for chilling in front of the TV (hungover or otherwise) we have the ultimate list of movies to watch on Netflix for the occasion.

Featuring coming of age films, and bad-ass women, there are loads of movies that will have you coming away feeling inspired.

So, get your mates, your Mum and your sisters over, light some candles and stick the wine in the fridge as you’re going to want to do a movie marathon.


This coming of age movie starring Saoirse Ronan is a triumph. It’s funny, charming and totally relatable as it charts first-love, self discovery and the relationship between mother and daughter. It is also an even rarer gem as it has a female director, with Greta Gerwig getting an Oscar nomination for Best Director.


Based on the hit auto-biographical novel by Cheryl Strayed, this follows her hiking along the 1,100 mile long Pacific Crest Trail.

Recently divorced, and having come through the loss of her mother as well as battling addiction, Cheryl hikes the trail alone and discovers herself as she goes. An emotional rollercoaster but such an inspiring watch.


Ok, this is an oldie but a goodie. It’s only recently back on Netflix and even though we’ve seen it a million times we’ll watch it again.

Starring Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd in this modern interpretation of Jane Austen’s Emma it literally never gets old. We’d watch it just for the outfit inspo alone.

Lost in Translation

Bill Murray is hilarious in this as an actor with a declining career who meets Scarlett Johansson as a young woman totally lost in life whilst in Tokyo.

It’s a cult classic for a reason. Plus it looks gorgeous to boot. Another film on the list with a female director, this won Sofia Coppola the Oscar for Best Director.

Eat Pray Love

An uplifting and inspirational film about a woman who gives up everything (her job, her husband and her life) to travel the world for nine months.

A rare account of a woman selfishly going on an adventure of self-exploration through Italy, Bali and India, you’re sure to feel inspired after this. Or at the very you’ll want to order a pizza and book a holiday.


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