The Best Reactions To Last Night’s Return Of The Great British Bake Off

We are not worthy of such entertainment

It goes without saying that The Great British Bake Off truly is the tonic we all need in our lives right now. Hearing that chirpy intro music made our serotonin go through the roof last night, and finally, we met the 12 new baking hopefuls looking to nab the title of best baker 2020.

Giving a Greek tragedy a run for its money, last night’s episode kicked things off with a bang. Beginning with a Boris Johnson skit and ending with a #cakegate, when Sura accidentally knocked Dave’s cakes off the presenting table mere moments before the judges were set to look at that, the episode quite frankly had it all.

And with a great episode comes even greater memes and reactions. Twitter was rife with comedy gold last night, so we’ve rounded up just a few of our favourites to bring you some happiness this Wednesday afternoon.