The Bridgerton Cast Are Convinced This Scene Is ‘Cursed’

I mean, I kind of get it.


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Bridgerton is back, and people are obviously delighted. It took its time, thanks to that little pandemic, but our WhatsApp groups are now hopping yet again with talk of the toon.

The second season began filming in the middle of the pandemic, which led to the delay. But according to Polly Walker (who plays Portia Featherington) and Bessie Carter (who plays Prudence Featherington) there was one scene, in particular, that was abandoned. It was re-shot so many times the cast called it “cursed.”

Speaking to Cosmo UK, Bessie explained: “Like many productions we shut down because of covid, and we did shut down during one of the balls- I think we filmed that ball like four times?

“We went back to that same ball and those same costumes – and we never wear the same costume twice so it was really weird to then put back on the same costume four times.”

Polly then added, “It was the ball that never happened,” to which Bessie then responded, “The cursed ball! That’s what we kept calling it, ‘the cursed ball’.”


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In other Bridgerton news, Nicola Coughlan has shared her excitement that once again that the show has smashed records since its release! Season one of the show, which came out in late 2020 quickly became the highest-rated programme on Netflix, with 82 million streams in only 30 days.

This was later overtaken by Netflix’s Squid Games, but we were expecting it to hit big numbers again given the excitement surrounding season two.

Posting to Instagram today, Galway star Nicola Coughlan shared that once again the show had smashed records; “Deeply grateful to you all for watching #Bridgerton and for helping us break global records: 193 million hours of viewing time worldwide — the highest for any English-language Netflix series in its first three days.

“We’ve also made the top 10 in 92 of the 93 countries which has blown my mind, thank you so much.”

After the success of season one not only was it announced that the show would return for a second season, but also for a third and fourth!


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