The Chase Viewers Were Giving Out About A Drag Queen Being On The Show, And The Governess Was NOT Having It

Tell them Anne!


Anyone who has ever watched The Chase knows the quiz show attracts all sorts of contestants.

So it’s quite puzzling (geddit) why anyone would complain about a drag queen going on the show – but they did.

Now, it doesn’t explicitly say that ‘people of this sort’ meant 24-year-old drag queen Daniel, who appeared on the show yesterday with a full face of makeup.

The tweeter could have had a problem with the ski chalet business owner, post office worker or retired RAF staffer who were also on The Chase yesterday, but to be honest… it’s not likely.

Anne Hegerty (AKA The Governess) certainly thought thought he was talking about Daniel, because she gave him a short, sharp, instantly meme-able response:

No one was really expecting this from Anne, who has a very prim and proper persona on the show – but she has now been declared a ‘gay icon’ and the ‘hero we need’.

Her response was backed up by her fellow Chasers The Beast and The Sinnerman, who said The Chase has always been an inclusive show:

The Governess: Queen of F**king Everything.